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Firestone car tyre in noida blog

For Gripping quality Firestone Car Tyre is the first choice of every one

Established in Ohio (1900) by Harvey Firestone, The Firestone car tyre Company has built up a high level of quality . And this has built up own name in the top of world-class tyres. Firestone worked hard and increase marking at getting to be one of the main tire makers in America and became the primary tire manufacturer for making a deal with Ford Company to have their tyres fitted as the primary tyre on all Ford vehicles.

Firestone car tyre has also a long history in the racing world and has procured in substantially more accomplishment on Indy car race circuits than some other tyres brand. In past, these tyres are utilized by an only car race. This demonstrated the top notch, performance and safety of the tyres at high speeds and also on normal vehicle roads.

The Effect of Bigger Tires on Your Vehicle

Bigger wheels and tyres are a needed upgrade for the rough terrain radical as well as for ordinary drivers too. Tires can truly represent the pickup of your vehicle and perfect mileage. Driving on bad condition tyres can incur significant damage to your vehicle, and changing to new tyres can make your vehicle drive like new once more. if you are thinking to upgrade your tyres with bigger tires then this gives you a new look in your car. There are a few advantages and drawbacks while you are going to buy new tyres.

Gripping quality of tires

They are popular in providing amazing gripping quality in the most extraordinary conditions. In 1998 Firestone merged into a giant Bridgestone and kept on being a brand perceived for being at the cutting edge of technology.

Firestone manufactures tyres with the highest quality with the combination of safety and performance. In the market, they are selling their products at an affordable rate which are perfect for small and medium-sized cars.


Firestone is the well-known brands of U.S. and the second largest brand in the world after Bridge stoned larger than both Goodyear and Continental. This brand manufactures various types of tires which run on the road today. Firestone provides different types of tires to their tyre 3

Firestone manufactures tires automobiles, heavy equipment, motorcycles, and bicycles.  And you can get the tire from Noida city brand specific tires.

 Why choose this Brand tire?

This brand design specific characteristic for performance and maintain the same as well for all products rather than other brand products not maintain this quality they sacrifice one to maintain other.

  Grip and traction

Tires are the only part which makes to make contact to the road.  This brand designed tire in a way to maintain the grip on any weather or any type of road. A grip is a more important factor for an ability to break, to turn, or to stay stable at higher speeds


Longevity of tires is also the most valuable factor. How long a tire lasts before wearing out its tread its important factor ensuring your value of money. They design product in a way to improve the longevity.

Fuel efficiency

Tires can have a big impact on fuel consumption. They manufacture the tire in this way that helps to reduce the friction with the road. Always buying fuel resistance tires can help to save the fuel


Handling is the most important to driver and tires plays the main role in this area because it transmits the direction from the wheel to the ground. They designed the high-performance tires to maximize handling performance and deliver the good result to the driver.

 Comfort and noise

Comfort and noise are two important factors in the smooth ride. They designed the tires in this way that give maximum performance in the irregular roads. The generation of noise depends on the number of grooves in the tires and their position, the more aggressive design generate maximum noise


Tires need to be able to resist in any type of road. So we produced brands specific car-related tire which having these feature. The following brands we deal with Firestone tire for polo Vento jaguar Porsche Volvo Rolls Royce

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